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Friday, August 15, 2008

Georges in Mt. Vernon

On Thursday evening, July 31st, I enjoyed a quiet night at George's in Mt. Vernon. The restaurant is at the corner of Monument and Cathedral. I was able to get street parking less than two blocks away.

The walls of the restaurant were a deep mahogany color, while the floors of the hotel were an old aged marble. The dinner tables were made of marble, and most people sat outside enjoying their dinner.

Unlike Aldo's, the pairing of textures and flavors were more interesting. The ambiance was a simple sophisticated relaxed-ness. Good and innovative American food was the main draw. The service was much more attentive.

First appetizer: Smoky flavored black bean soup with lime and cilantro
Main Course: Espresso, chile, cocoa powder rubbed sirloin (rare) with a blackberry sauce on rice and summer vegetables
Dessert: Godiva flourless thinly sliced chocolate cake

Accompaniment: House Cabernet Savignon

Sometimes an unpretentious air adds so much more to the dining experience. The wine was also reasonably priced, portions sizable, and flavors interesting.

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