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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Top 3 for Restaurant Week

Baltimore Restaurant Week is finally here, starting this fine Saturday evening and running until August 3rd. Most assuredly, the restaurants will be brimming full of diners on this twice a year treat (Restaurant Week is in the winter too). From the website, I've whittled my top 3 down to this:

George's in Mt. Vernon

Petit Louis Bistro on Roland Avenue

and Aldo's in Little Italy

George's by far had the most innovative menu from my brief research, and I've always wanted to try Aldo's and Petit Louis Bistro. I must say that I am sad to not see Kali's Court participating this year. Still the participation is good and hopefully many satisfied diners will leave truly satiated and stuffed.

Great Picture Blog

Great Picture Blog HERE

Green goes well Bigger Green

It appears that Going Green as a company will be one of the next big booms for our economy. Venture Capitalists are funding more green companies and even the Department of Energy is funding Green Entrepreneurs.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chinese Restaurants that Serve Sushi

Over the years, I've always thought it a novelty that a Chinese restaurant would serve both Chinese cuisine and sushi. I've indulged in ordering sushi from Chinese restaurants if I needed a quick fix. In the two years, my experience has been less savory therefore I do not endorse or recommend getting sushi from a Chinese restaurant. I think the soft shell crab roll clumsily rolled in a small Perry Hall restaurant was the last straw. If you go to eat sushi...why not eat good quality sushi at a Japanese restaurant? And if you're a Chinese restaurant owner, instead of trying to gain a larger audience, why not make your dishes more innovative and healthier, or perhaps (GASP!) try serving some traditional and authentic Chinese cuisine? We live in a consumer based capitalistic society that is currently experiencing an economic downturn...therefore its up to the business owner to be even more innovative and savvy in drawing current customers back and attract new customers. And its up to the customer to choose wisely and to know one's cuisine...

Monday, July 21, 2008

My first Blogroll Add!

I've been added to a Blogroll! I feel so special and honored. Thanks guys over at Food, Wine, and Baltimore.

Check out the site. Its a great way to get to know wine and Baltimore at the same time.

K-Swift Passes Away

Wow, I just read the Aural States Blog on K-Swift passing away and I am truly stunned. I grew up listening to K-Swift on 92Q. Her bio says that she started Djing at the age of 11; I think I heard her a couple times on the station as a young preteen. I always thought she was older than me by ten years, but only learned today that she and I are close in age. And I've always meant to go to one of her sets at a club but I am unable to because of her accident (however I did go to a small party where she dj'ed). Click here to go to her tribute page.

This is truly a loss to Baltimore's music industry...

Wings Wishlist

Last week, a friend and I visited Don't Know Tavern in Baltimore to give their wings a try. It was Monday night so it was a half price cheese steak night. Don't Know Tavern, the sister bar to No Idea Tavern, is located in Federal Hill across from the Bicycle. Each night on Monday through Friday there are drink and/or food specials at either bar. Some nights feature discounted wine for the ladies. Don't Know Tavern is low lit with hard wood floors, wooden booths and calm lighting. One will find quiet elements of a sports bar; tvs quietly showing sports, men in baseball caps, a pool table and an air hockey table.

All of the usual suspects are found on the menu. I love wings and how could one not have wings with a beer? We got the Maryland and Orange Chipotle BBQ grilled over an open flame. The wings are a good quality meat and I could taste the butter on the Maryland flame. The bartender claimed that they were better fried. I loved the charred flavor that is achieved with an open flame. So if you're craving some wings and don't know where to go, head on over to Don't Know Tavern in Federal Hill!

Don't Know Tavern-Federal Hill

Jumbo Wings

Fried or grilled over an open flame, tossed in your choice of: golden buffalo, chipotle orange bbq, maryland, key west, teriyaki or honey coriander


Other good places to get wings:

Mick O'Sheas-on Charles Street south of Mt. Vernon

Wings with a Pepper Buffalo Wing Sauce. About 3 bucks M-F during 4-7. Half off appetizers

Joe Squared-Near MICA

Unusual wing specials and a few good old standbys. No discounts to be known.

Mt. Washington Tavern-Mt. Washington

20 cent wings on Mondays and free wings on Tuesdays.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Name Change

Ok! So I have been pondering a makeover for my blog! My current dilemma is what should be my blog name??? I've thought to go with my namesake (some of you know what it is!! psssttttt, hint one-my AOL name) or to keep The Baltimore Babe title. Could I keep the Baltimore Babe if I indeed move out of the city? That is what I am wrestling with....

Any input???

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

7 weeks of Yoga for 55 Bucks

That is right, you read correctly. Starting tonight, 7/8/2008, my friend Christy is starting a seven week session of yoga for only 55 dollars in an outside setting in Fells Point. Below is more info:


Tuesdays, 7:30-9:30pm
7 SESSIONS: 7/8, 7/15, 7/22, 7/29, 8/5, 8/12, 8/19

in scenic Fells Point, along the waterfront. Includes social time with classmates and walking meditation. God/goddess willing, we will practice out along the gorgeous waterfront with the ducks and the sky and the billion-dollar views.
Classes will be held in our Studio if outdoors is not available on any given week.

This session is priced low with the expectation that many of you will have vacations during July and August. Classes are not sequential so your trip will not interrupt your learning with us. There is no minimum to how many sessions you can take, and if you can come to all 7, great (and only $8/class!) Jai!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rhythm and Blues

Wall Street Journal has promoted Roots & Rhythm in the October 20, 2003 Consumer Guide.

For rare music and blues online.

General Consensus

General Consensus says that Flip Cup is more fun than Beer Pong.

Green Happy Hour Via Common Waters

Green Happy Hour on Monday Night! via: Common Waters

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