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Monday, August 4, 2008

Aldo's in Little Italy

On Wednesday, July 30, I enjoyed an exquisite dinner with friends at Aldo's Ristorante Italiano in Little Italy in Baltimore, MD. Aldo's is one of the highest rated Zagat restaurants in Maryland. The website boasts beautiful pictures and I've always heard good things about the restaurant.

Baltimorerestweek.com posted Aldo's menu for the fix price dinner and Aldo's offered up stuffed Amish chicken with mashed potatoes, penne pasta with eggplant, seared beef tenderloin, and line caught pomfret with summer vegetables and couscous. Two desserts; a strawberry shortcake and a vanilla custard with peach sauce were offered. I decided upon the beef tenderloin on arugula encrusted in sea salt, with the ahi tuna loin as appetizer and vanilla custard for dessert. To enhance the flavors, I ordered a Cabernet for the beef. My two friends got the Amish Chicken with mashed potatoes and Chardonnay and the penne pasta with tomato sauce, roasted eggplant, softly spreadable ricotta and a Pino Grigio.

The words to describe the dinner were sublime. Aldo's considers the diner's experience to be paramount and great attention was placed on pairing flavors of vegetables, meats, seasonings, and even down to the texture of the food. The food came in slow succession, however the server made up for it with a complimentary restaurant mixed drink of limoncello with cream. The after dinner cordial was very tart and pleasing to the senses.

However the words to describe the ambiance was interesting...the dining hall was beautiful and serene with low lighting. The seating was plush. A table sitting next to us used sailor like language all evening culminating in one lady's shocked gasp. It appeared that many drinks were enjoyed. Rising from the table the loudest gentleman knocked his chair upon the ground and into his neighbor's table. As he apologized, he recognized the unfortunate diner who was victim to his flying chair.

All in all, the overall experience was pleasant and memorable.


Dan said...

I've never been to Aldo's but I sat behind an Aldo's courtesy van (!) while in Little Italy to go to Vacarro's a few weeks ago. Between that and your review I'm going to have to add it to our short list of places to try next time we're down there.

Meghan said...

Oh how I love Aldos.... some of the best Italian in Little Italy.

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