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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Golden West

Rest assured, I always have an interesting time any time I decide to go to the Golden West Cafe nestled on the Avenue in Hampden. I first visited Golden West back in 2002 when it was at its original location on the fringes of the Avenue (closer to Breathe Books and Ma Petit Shoe). I had brunch there and was thoroughly impressed. In 2007/08, I've since returned to the Golden West in its much larger and noticeable location closer to Falls Road. Upon first entering, there are all sorts of knick knacks adorning the walls and shelves, and in the bathroom, record covers wallpaper the wall and personal messages are etched into the bathroom walls and doors.

Occasionally one will find a bartender who only 'fills in' and serves beer. Sometimes an odd server will check his Gmail Account on the left side of the bar. The perfect margarita is served on Tuesdays nights by a co-owner of The True Vine. On the night of the perfect margarita (which was 2 bucks, btw), I knocked over a couple figurines behind a wall across from the bar. I am reasonably sure that no one will notice for the next five to ten years. A knitter sat too enjoying her beer.

Last Friday I found myself staring into a wall that had three to five versions of the Last Supper. And if I peered up above me to the right, there were tins, boxes, paintings that had 'Golden West' somewhere on the item. I enjoyed a seasonal dish of white bean hummus with quite a spicy kick on top of shredded carrots and romaine. I was able to save half for lunch the next day. A ghost taste of garlic remained in my mouth for the next day despite brushing. I am always leery of a restaurant that prints up a page of rules in the first page of its menu, but somehow I find myself returning again and again.


The Daily Breather said...

This is one of my least fav resturaunts in Baltimore. When I first moved into Hampden I went there and it was kitchy and fun. Then as I went back I noticed an untraceable lameness. 1/2 price burgers were why I was there and not only did I find the "rules" in menu but also new rules for 1/2 priced burgers "just because the price is 1/2 the service is not so tip accordingly". Excuse me? The salad that came with the burgers was bland but not as bland as the bun. The apple/brea sammich is void of flavor but big on pretense. Paper Moon can pull all of this off and nail it so much better. But GW's Huevos Rancheros will bring me back again...but not today. I returned a year later. Yes, I live less than 5 blocks from GW but laid off a year. I wanted the Huevos! So I gave it another try. Instant soulsucking the moment I entered. A lameness washed over me and I just couldn't figure that part out.
Oh, and I believe that you should always have food left to take home. I rarely eat more than half of my entre anymore and usually even split burgers. Portions in this country are way outta control.

The Baltimore Babe said...

Its quirky, but I do enjoy it. I guess some times are better than others. Every dish that I've gotten there has been very good and seemingly healthy. I agree however that a restaurant should not publish rules (like Paper Moon). I have to say Paper Moon does not care at all about its customers nor staff and I know both ends of the stick. Nor is the food at Paper Moon good for the prices...

The Daily Breather said...

This is odd. I think PM in right on but can't figure out why GW rubs me wrong. I'd like to go to GW more but it's as if they built it on my ancestors' burial grounds or something. did they rip off PM's menus? I like the album covers.

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