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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Baltimore Restaurant Week

Via Adventures in Baltimore Restaurants, I learned that Baltimore Restaurant Week is coming to Baltimore from July 26th to August 3rd!

Baltimore Restaurant Week occurs twice a year, once in July and and once in January as a way to encourage dining out at local establishments. For a reasonable price, you can try out a new restaurant. Its always best to reserve as early as you can and call the restaurant to confirm the menu.

The participation list of restaurants is already posted on the website. And below is my wish list. I'll make final cuts as menus are posted.

Georges on Mt. Vernon Square
The Black Olive
The Brass Elephant
Brasserie Tatin
Kali's Court Restaurant
Roy's Hawaiian Fusion
The Wine Market


The Daily Breather said...

Hmm. I don't think I've been to any of these places. I've been to the Tusk Bar which is upstairs in the Brass Elephant and I reccomend the upstairs because the plates are smaller and cheaper and there's fewer people there. Food is fabulous but you don't need to pay too much for more than you need.

Oh, and I have been to Georges but I was looking for something else. That's where the bartender introduced us to that champaign in a can which is made by F.F.Copala's daughter. Mmm. champaigne in a can. It even has a straw attached to the side like a can of WD-40. It's the beer of champaignes. Must be designed for camping.

The Baltimore Babe said...

Champagne in a Can with a Straw! How classy. I think I'd really enjoy that.

theminx said...

Restaurant Week is an excellent way to try more expensive restaurants - definitely go for Black Olive and the Brass Elephant. Roy's food has never disappointed me, so that's always a good choice. Vin has participated in the last 2 RWs and both times the choice of food was boring and uninspired so I never did try them out. Hopefully this time there will be something more exciting than roast chicken.

Greg said...

I've been to the Brasserie Tatin, it's not too bad, my lab went last winter for restaurant week then! I think I got the steak frit.

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