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Thursday, May 8, 2008

NO2R2V, Gold West, and Extended $2 Margaritas

On Tuesday night, we decided to go out for a quick appetizer and drink. 'R2V' as the hipsters/scenesters say was the first choice. Upon our arrival, we were dismayed that there were only two separate seats open at the bar and there was a half hour wait for unreserved parties. Five reserved tables sat mournfully empty. Can a restaurant/bar be able to afford the luxury of holding tables and turn away paying customers?

Yes was the answer; away we scurried to Golden West Cafe on the Avenue in Hampden. We opted for the more ambient bar and learned to our surprise that it was $2 Margarita night. The owner of the True Vine (also on the Avenue) worked there Tuesday nights, providing the 70s Funk/Rock/Bo Diddley soundtrack and tasteful drinks. I proclaimed that the drinks were the best Margaritas ever! Our happy hour extended beyond the customary 8 PM. Jason's secret lay in orange juice, triple sec, lime juice, and tequila. Even the glass was rimmed with lime juice to make the salt stick. The result was a less sour drink, easier on the stomach and hid the acridness of the rail tequila. With that we ordered the Caprini Crostini, which came with a bed of mixed greens drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette, olive oil/sea salt toasted points, soft oily roasted garlic cloves, sundried tomato paste and goat cheese. Boy was it delicious!

Other than that we heard crazy stories about 60s go go dancers in Australia, the Isle of Lesbos style adventures, and possessed ex Tasmanian lesbian brunettes. I am not sure one will find that elsewhere in good ole Charm City...

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