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Monday, October 27, 2008

Stopped this morning

Usually every morning, I greet and hug enthusiastically a newspaper distributor outside of my office building. A person stopped me and asked me why did I hug a complete stranger. I asked, why not? This greeting has become routine for me. I told the person about the older gentleman I made friends in the afternoon on my commute home. He's usually at the ticket office and I give a peck and greet him as if he were a long lost love. To start my day, I have a hug and in the evening, I have a peck. My day is a little bit better while exchanging pleasantries with new friends. Unfortunately, my older friend has not been at his ticket station. Some folks said he went back downtown, but I've been worried about him lately. I did catch him one day while leaving work. The ticket office man said that he had been 'away'.

To all others...

do you exchange pleasantries with others you see regularly to and fro from work?


Why not?

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