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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Commute Home

My commute home varies from day to day. Roughly I spend about four hours a day commuting on a car, train, and Metro. 12 hours of my day are committed to some form of work or transit...

On Monday, September 15, I stayed later at work to wrap up a couple loose ends and my boss traipsed back in from a meeting. We thought we lost the client and I stayed longer than usual to chat about the meeting. I thought with extremely good follow up, we could capture their attention again.

With time winding down, I had to run away around five pm. Unfortunately, I had to wait about 8 minutes for the Metro to arrive...

4:53 Rush out of office to catch Metro
5:00 Metro arrives
5:21 Metro arrives at Union
MARC train leaves at 5:21
I buy a small Chilean red wine
Get on 5:34 PM train to Baltimore/Penn
6:30/6:40 arrive at Penn
Ask lady for a spoon at coffee stand.
Thank goodness had dinner packed in bag.
Ate and waited for the 7:05 to Perryville.
7:30/40 Arrived in Edgewood.
7:47 Arrived at home.

At Home: Changed Fire alarm battery. Packed away lemon bars. Jogged up and down drive in dark for 20 minutes. Checked email and blogged.

10 PM Get read for bed.

This was a particularly unusual evening, as I had missed my original train home....

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