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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Top 3 for Restaurant Week

Baltimore Restaurant Week is finally here, starting this fine Saturday evening and running until August 3rd. Most assuredly, the restaurants will be brimming full of diners on this twice a year treat (Restaurant Week is in the winter too). From the website, I've whittled my top 3 down to this:

George's in Mt. Vernon

Petit Louis Bistro on Roland Avenue

and Aldo's in Little Italy

George's by far had the most innovative menu from my brief research, and I've always wanted to try Aldo's and Petit Louis Bistro. I must say that I am sad to not see Kali's Court participating this year. Still the participation is good and hopefully many satisfied diners will leave truly satiated and stuffed.

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Michael said...

Petit Louis is one of my favorite places in town hands down. Aldo's is great, haven't been to Georges..thanks for the tip!

Oh, and for those going to Petit Louis...the escargot are outstanding and the duck confit may be the best I've ever had. And don't skip dessert :)

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