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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chinese Restaurants that Serve Sushi

Over the years, I've always thought it a novelty that a Chinese restaurant would serve both Chinese cuisine and sushi. I've indulged in ordering sushi from Chinese restaurants if I needed a quick fix. In the two years, my experience has been less savory therefore I do not endorse or recommend getting sushi from a Chinese restaurant. I think the soft shell crab roll clumsily rolled in a small Perry Hall restaurant was the last straw. If you go to eat sushi...why not eat good quality sushi at a Japanese restaurant? And if you're a Chinese restaurant owner, instead of trying to gain a larger audience, why not make your dishes more innovative and healthier, or perhaps (GASP!) try serving some traditional and authentic Chinese cuisine? We live in a consumer based capitalistic society that is currently experiencing an economic downturn...therefore its up to the business owner to be even more innovative and savvy in drawing current customers back and attract new customers. And its up to the customer to choose wisely and to know one's cuisine...


Corey said...

For real Chinese try Grace Garden, out in the burbs. Just be careful what you ask for. :-)

Here is a review of the place. http://www.skilletdoux.com/2008/06/more-from-grace-garden.html He also has a past review but I'm too lazy to link it.

The Baltimore Babe said...

Thanks Corey! I will certainly check this out one of these days.

Aria Minelime said...

hi there. i read your post on blogtimore, hon. i agree with you but there is an exception in hampden. Asian Taste's sushi is strangely more awesome than their chinese food. I mean it's not the best sushi in the whole world but it is better than any japanese place nearby. especially the crunchy tuna with avocado. Have you tried Mr. Chan's in Pikesville? The have a bunch of yummy veggie dishes.

Greg said...

You know, Aria Minelime is right! I havent been to Asian Taste in years, but the last time I did go, their sushi was pretty good. Though in all fairness, they might be a specal category of Chinese food, since they have a sushi bar inside!

Michael said...

Ooh, I'm going to have to say that for me, Asian Taste's sushi is a HUGE pass! We live two blocks from the Avenue, and when the kitchen was down ate there at LEAST twice a week...but we only had sushi twice before concluding it wasn't the best of choices.

On the other hand, their steamed dumplings, spring rolls, beef with broccoli and chicken in garlic sauce are all pretty good!

To each their own, though! More sushi for aria and more Chinese for me :)

Carl Clark said...

I have yet to find a decent Chies Restuarant in the Baltimor area.The chinise is so bad I never tried the sushi
I lived in Asia for 8 years and I love Chinese food. When I must have it I go to DC, Phil, or NewYork

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