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Friday, December 19, 2008

On Friday November 7th, 2008, I met up with two friends at Tapas Teatro. We started off the evening with red wine and sangria. Bread, oil, olives, and pickles were brought to the table. Some of our selection included: monkfish medallions wrapped in a prosciuitto topped on artichoke hearts drizzled with a spicy oil, marinara and bread, baked potatoes in a cream sauce, and Gulf Shrimp swimming in a garlic butter. Throughout the light bites we viewed pictures from my friend's fall wedding in October 2008. The wedding took place at The Belvedere in the Charles room. It was quite an exquisite affair; I was a part of the bridal party.

After light bites, we drove up to the Johns Hopkins Campus to the ROTC building off of San Martin Drive for ballroom dancing. The lesson started at 8 PM. We learned the tango, the waltz, the electric slide, and the Achy Breaky Heart line dance. As I picked up the waltz and tango (one goes T A N G O to keep count with the steps), some of my partners unveiled more complex steps. Of course our instructor named a few. I felt special as I was a part of these more complex moves, I could be led by the gentleman and share in the experience of dancing. One feels graceful and accomplished when truly dancing the dance.

Overall, I'd go again. Where else can you learn dancing for free every Friday at 8 PM and from an event that is 20 years and counting?

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