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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Daily Morning Commute

For the past two years I have been commuting in from Edgewood to DC on a daily basis. Its a long, tiring commute. Yet thousands of people from Delaware, Philadelphia, Cecil County and Harford County commute from their homes to DC or around the DC area to support their families, go to school, and advance their careers. I am one of these commuters. I wanted to taste what DC was like as a city.

Monday night, 10 to 10:30: make lunch, check tickets, have all things packed to go. shower.
Monday night in bed by 11:15 PM.

6:00 AM: wake up
6:16 AM: out the door and on the road to the Edgewood MARC station
6:47/8 AM: pull into lot and run down steps and up steps to catch train as one of its last boarders
Around 8 AM, the MARC pulls into Union station.
8:02 AM: I am on the platform walking to the Red Line Metro to my destination.
8:09 AM: Just having bought The Economist, I continue on to the Metro stop.
A train arrives as I am going down the escalator and I jog to board.
8:27 AM: Red Line arrives and I get off at my station on the outskirts of DC.
8:35 AM: In the office, after having stopped off at Starbucks.

This is the extent of my morning commute. Let's see how the evening pans out...

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